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About me

My name is Carlos.

I’m an Argentine-Italian1 born in Las Heras, Mendoza (Argentina) circa 1989. I grew up in the US and Spain. I got my BSc. in Computer Science at the University of Málaga (Spain).

I’ll be posting what I think is of interest (to me) very sparingly, as I work and study and writing is nice but takes a long time to be proofreading and making sure that my forever mixed thoughts make any sense, cohesively speaking.

I’m always learning, so don’t be surprised to find corrections from one post to another. I’ll always make them clear.

You can stalk me

Here’s a list of all the places where you can refer to me. I’m trying to change my long-term handle2 on websites, so perhaps these will break at some point. I hardly make my social media about computers, but I really like music and surfing, so I (re)post a lot about that.

Drop me a line (0xE7249D28C6D2BCB4)


  1. Typical.↩︎

  2. Pain in the ass.↩︎