May 25, 2016

So if my logo was any hint, I’m a huge sucker for Functional Programming in general, and in particular for Haskell. Not too long after arriving to Switzerland I had the pleasure of, by pure chance, meeting a few people who have turned out to be quite influential in a very short time.

I mean, meeting them reminded me that I was already a huge fan of Haskell and Lisp in University. I had put these things aside for a while and in essence I had forgotten about some of the things that I love.

I showed up to the HaskellerZ talk to see a pretty cool talk on common Haskell mistakes. After that, being in the awesome city of Zürich, and unable to pass on a beer, I joined these fine fellas for dinner and drinks and had some great, refreshing conversations regarding engineering in general. And upcoming concerts, because it’s Zürich.

Not too long after that I was invited to give a talk on type safe, composable SQL query generation in Haskell, and I, being cheeky, accepted.

The result is below.

It’s hella long… if I go at it again I’ll make it shorter, promise!

Thanks Alex for offering, Simon for manning the camera and the lights, and everyone who was there either in person or in spirit :)

I hate the sound of my own voice

Also, I don’t think the lower angle favors my papada :|

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