December 20, 2016


Around November or so the sun in Germany started to set early, and the darkness started to consume the daylight, and so, like the birds, I flew south, to my home in Málaga, Spain.


I’ve recently been working with Haskell and PureScript, and a call for talks came up not too long ago in the Frontend Málaga Group. Being cheeky, I decided to have a few words regarding PureScript.

The talk is oriented towards practicality and hitting the ground running should anybody decide to get their hands dirty with PureScript:


purescript-malaga-demo - Material for PureScript talk in Málaga - 20 Dec 2016

Inside you will find some sample code along with the slides in PDF format.

There’s a cool community of local and foreign programmers in Málaga, and I’m really glad to be meeting up with them.

Pictures of what I call home

After some time in the north of Europe, which is a cold, cold place, I’ve really learned to appreciate home. Particuarly the sun, so it’s not called Costa del Sol out of whim. I’ve been surfing a lot, too, so I really appreciate the winter.

Some pics to share:

My favorite place to surf: Playa de los Lánces, Cádiz. It’s a really fast wave that’s normally a left, which is great for a goofy-footed person like myself. The sun sets right on your face, which makes for great afternoon sessions. The water is turquoise and the sand is white, and I think it’s hands down one of the best beaches in the peninsula. Much, much better than shitty El Palmar.

This is the right side of Malapesquera, in Benalmádena. It’s quite fickle but with the right conditions and wind you get some fun waves. You can walk up the pier and jump from the rocks right next to the wave, which is always fun.

I just took this while having lunch one day near the center of Málaga, next to a coworking space where I sometimes go work. You can’t beat this sunlight in the northern hemisphere in early December.


  • Write PureScript
  • Enjoy the sun
  • Happy holidays!

Listening to


Also some Christmas albums, why not :)

I think I’m getting old: I’m actually enjoying Christmas.


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